Marriage is perhaps the most complex and challenging of all human relationships.  The joining of two people in a relationship which is intended to last a lifetime can involve great effort to develop and maintain.  PREPARE/ENRICH begins with the couple completing a computerized assessment** online. This assessment is analyzed, and feedback results are administered which helps couples explore their relationship regarding strengths, communication skills, conflict resolution, personality similarities and differences, stressors, and financial goals.

The couple is given a report of their results and a workbook to use for homework. Quality premarital preparation, like PREPARE/ENRICH, can reduce the risk of divorce and increase relationship skills and satisfaction.  In a survey of 3,334 couples, premarital education programs were found to reduce divorce by 31% (Stanly, Amato, Johnson, & Markman, 2006).  Participants with premarital education had higher marital satisfaction, higher commitment, and lower marital conflict.

Similar outcomes have also been found in marriage education programs.  In addition to experiencing improvement, participants report very high levels of satisfaction with these types of programs and indicate they would recommend them to other couples (Hawley and Olson, 1995).

  Intake 50-60 Min Session Extended Session Group Package
Prepare/Enrich $175  $150

*Call to discuss insurance coverage (Blue Cross, Magellan, Cigna, United Health Care & Aetna accepted).

** Online assessment is an additional charge.