Inaugural Message

Welcome to the inauguration of the Greater Works NC website.  Sharon Lee DBA Greater Works is a counseling service that has been established to assist you to reach your full potential.  Greater Works specializes in facilitating the removal of barriers in your life. I will be posting a monthly blog on a topic that hopefully will enrich you as well as encourage you in your endeavors.

We often hear people say, “We are living in confusing times.”  Well, the times are only confusing when we don’t understand that there is a time and a purpose for everything. How we feel about a given situation is dependent on our belief system. Times of turmoil, times of confusion, times of overwhelming disappointments, are times that should prompt you to seek out a listening, and understanding ear. Solicit someone who has the training and ability to listen well, and asks strategic questions which help you to examine your belief system.

Greater Works is one of the resources we hope you engage.

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